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Build your own bundle

Create your perfect coffee trio with our Build Your Own Bundle feature!

Choose 3 coffees from our categories below: Single Origin for authentic global tastes, Flavored for a variety of flavors, and Blends for a
well-rounded fusion.
Each bag is a robust 16oz.
Priced to help you save.

Single Origin Bundle

Select 3 Single Origins to Craft Your Perfect Bundle!

Discover new distinct flavors of our single origin coffees. Pick three from Ethiopian, Organic Mexican and other exceptional origins to create a bundle that takes you on a global coffee exploration. Each cup tells a story of its unique region and craftsmanship.

Blend Bundle

Select 3 Blends to Craft Your Perfect Bundle!

Our Tennessee Blend blends the best of Indonesian and African beans, creating a rich and full-bodied cup. For a balanced start to your day, choose Breakfast Blend, a fragrant and flavorful blend. Build your bundle with our expertly crafted Blends and experience the perfect fusion of taste and aroma in every cup.

Flavored Bundle

Select 3 Flavors to Craft Your Perfect Bundle!

Begin your personalized coffee journey with our flavored coffees. Choose from enticing options like Mountain Blueberry and French Vanilla to curate a box that caters to your unique taste preferences.